Sunday Morning at Horseshoe Lake

horseshoe-lake-102216Good sunny morning to you too, Horseshoe Lake! Have I told you lately how brilliant you are? Ah... I'm sorry about that... I should really do that more often...


Peace In Your Palm...

Peace1"The whole point of Jesus's life was not that we should become exactly like him, but that we should become ourselves in the same way he became himself. Jesus was not the great exception but the great example." ~ Carl Jung


What if THIS Christmas...

We worship each other...

(This contribution comes to us via our stunningly beautiful - in every way - correspondent in the Great Southwestern United States, Christine. Thank you, darling...)


Wait for "Soon". It's Always Better To Wait...

Let's not fight I'm tired can't we just sleep tonight Turn away it's just there's nothing left here to say Turn around I know we're lost but soon we'll be found

(Thank you for this fantastic contribution, Ms. Forever Blooms. I love it.)


Not Just For Them... But, For Us Too...

Unbelievable... She's like a pup. So, so beautiful...

One more reason to recycle that plastic water bottle. So, it doesn't end up in her Living Room.

Or better yet, just get some from the tap.



To Not Speak Ill...

Thanksgiving DinnerOnly requires silence.

Now granted, silence can be just as destructive. So, maybe try to muster up some kindness and patience under that silent cloud. And I hope to remember to love my family and friends more than my stupid opinions... Because those aren't really real.

But, love is.



Orphaned baby rhino Gertjie refuses to sleep alone after witnessing his mother's death at the hands of poachers gertjie The baby rhino was found 'crying inconsolably' next to his dead mother

I just finally realized what I want to do when I grow up...

I want to poach poachers.

(And while I'm not going to actually pursue that line of work, I AM going to try to be extra kind. To everyone and every "thing". I wouldn't mind outshining that kind of wickedness.)