Stop What You're Doing

1. Please press play.

2. While the little prelude is playing, if you're with someone, hug them. Hug as many people as you can in your vicinity. I don't care if you're at work, all the better. If you're alone, hug yourself, bish.

3. Then, once the music really gets going, dance. No rules, just dance. If you can't go cray dancing, move your hips. Your fingers. Your feet. Your tummy. Your supafine bootie. Your fucking eyebrows. SOMETHING.

4. Do it like you mean it.

5. Be happy. No one can take that away from you.


jumping for joy

Because we really should be...

It's good to be alive. Even when sometimes it doesn't seem like it... During those moments, I try to remind myself to keep looking out. Not in. I try to put my complete focus onto someone else. Just to listen. And be supportive or commiserate... Whichever. Just to be present with them. FOR them.

And of course, the irony is, it's really for me... Because when I do, I find happiness there... Or at the very least, contentedness.

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Stand Fast

I have no idea what happened to you... And I know you have no idea what happened to me... But,... (and this is going to be a big "but". heh) I. Refuse. To. Allow. You. To. Make Me. think less of the world. I won't allow it. You don't have that power... Now... Run along...