Okay... One More Time...? Please?

An incredible Magnolia 12 hours before bullshit strikes... Magnolia It looked like someone took a blow torch to it the very next day... Because...


Mez and Wen in April snow Gomez and Wednesday were all, "This is total bullshit, dude. NO ONE wants to put their hoo-haa in the snow to go wee. Well,... ALMOST no one. Dad likes it on Friday nights sometimes..."

April snow

April snow1

So... Yeah... Let's try Spring again...


Dramatic Spring

J.C. Leyendecker SpringAnd that means I'm a gonna be all dramatical with my right hand and holding a harp or ancient cash register with my left hand and be all tiltin' my head with my fancy headband to the side and wearin' my fancy wrap. 'Cause Winter be harsh, bishes. So, Spring is pretty dramatic.

Even the fawn, rabbit and frog are all, "Bish, you dramatic."


~ "Spring" by J.C. Leyendecker


When The Crocuses Bloom

So, we were hit with a foot of snow the other day... Much better than a tsunami.

Even though we're OVER it, it really was beautiful. (This is the side of our house.)

And proper perspective keeps things beautiful as well, no?

By this time of year, Winter's just posing anyway. (The back garden and garage.)

It's desperate - grasping at straw, or at least at twigs, berries and branches... (One of eight holly bushes lining the backyard.)

And even though I'm ready for the weather to break...

The silence and peacefulness of Winter is always welcome to my ears... (The garage and pond.)

But, in the end... (Buddha's head peaking out of the snow in the marble niche, keeping watch over the koi.)

Spring always wins.