Giving Yourself The Finger

blameBlame... It's highly overrated.

Over the last couple of years, I've been going through some rough stuff... I've been learning a bit. Mark Twain said, "A man learns something carrying a cat by its tail that he can learn in no other way." Holy smokes, he was right. It's always the hard way, isn't it?

It's been painful. More so than I ever could've imagined. And humbling. And sometimes, humiliating. But, here's the kicker... It's liberating AS SHIT to be aware of my mistakes and to own them. I can point the finger all I want, but it won't get me anywhere productive. It will only keep me prisoner to someone else's actions. I'm not saying others are innocent of poor behavior. I'm just saying that when I'm paying too much attention to someone else's behavior, I'm not paying enough attention to my own.

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Sweeping Snakes

Just LOOK at girlfriend. He's all grabbing and throwing COBRAS like they're pixie sticks. Will and I just about had heart-attacks watching this. Actually, just Will... His eyes just about rolled back into his head at the thought. I'm not really afraid of snakes. Although, that doesn't mean I won't stand completely still in one place for 45 minutes on a trail in the Santa Ynez Mountains of California waiting for a rattle snake to cross the path, which I did. But, THIS? I find it hysterical. Especially because I'm not in the pit with him.

After he TOSSES them aside like they're completely in his way, which I suppose they are... They all just stand there with their Cobra-swooping-ear-crazy things all flared out staring at him like, "Hhhheeehhhh! Dude? WTFsssss? You are SSSOO lucky we're kind of ssscared of you right now."

And he's all, "Outta my way, bishes. I gots me shit to do. I don't care you be Cobras."

If only I could grab the demons in my way and toss them aside like that and do what needed to be done...


(On a different note, bishes, I feel kind of sorry for these snakes...)

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