Guardians of The Ridiculous (more like it)

I'm embarrassed for journalists now... Seriously. It's like they just ate one of their own... So, what. The guy stretched the truth... Because NO ONE has ever done that before... "News" stories have never been embellished. People don't fib. People don't lie.

EVERYONE does it at some point in their life. And really, Who. The. Fuck. Cares.

I defy ANYONE to ever honestly, consciously say that they've NEVER embellished a story. And if they haven't, they're not a very good story teller.

And as my friend, Jessica quotes her Grandfather, "You never let facts get in the way of a good story."


Boo... Hiss...

"Public anger is building over news that FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is leaving the FCC to become a lobbyist for Comcast – just four months after she voted to approve the Comcast-NBC merger. It's no wonder the American people are disgusted by Washington."

More, more, more... Whether it's money, power, status... It'll never be enough for the desperate and delusional. Too much looking out, not enough looking in.

You know what, Ms. meredith baker? Greed just isn't cool anymore. In fact, it hasn't been since the 80's. You think it is, but it's not. You're among the blind who are so busy and concerned with how you look, you've lost attention of just who you are.

How you live matters.

Please sign, if you're so inclined: Demand that Congress investigate Baker’s conflict of interest.