Where Not To Swim This Summer

Who needs suntan lotion when we've got this?

Two more things you can do stop using petroleum.

1. Stop using plastic bags at the store. And not just at the market for your groceries. Target gives you five cents for every bag YOU bring yourself, whether that's canvas, or you reusing paper bags, whatever.

And 2. Stop buying bullshit plastic bottles of water. It's fucking ridiculous. AND it's a waste of money, so knock it off.

Try using stainless steel ones - they don't contaminate the water that you're DRINKING - so it's better for you anyway. Fill them up at home and take them with you. I know, I know, it takes planning. Once you do it a few times, you won't even think about it. Plus you can have them do special "favors" when you're... lonely.

Because besides using more petroleum, all that plastic ends up somewhere.

Past problems for company at heart of oil spill in Michigan (now there's a surprise...)


What's Big

(Thank you for this video, Claud!)

100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same

Barge hits well near Gulf, sends oil, gas spewing

Oil pipeline leak pollutes major Michigan river

All these monumental disasters and I'm sitting here watching (and listening to - as it pierces my brain) a fat neighbor use a CHAIN SAW to cut twigs. TWIGS. How 'bout trying a manual handsaw or actually just breaking them with your hands? What's that? Oohh... Right. That would require more muscle. Less fat.

So, while I don't believe that we don't all have a hand in this (simply by being consumers of fossil fuels, we're accomplices), I DO believe that we can do something about it... As I'm sure you know from my constant rambling on the issue.

Even by just cutting down on our beef consumption, we in turn will be consuming less fossil fuels that actually go into the the production, slaughter and transportation of that meat. And it DOES make a difference.

"The Senate announced it would not bring comprehensive climate legislation before Congress breaks for the August recess.

It's infuriating that every single Republican Senator has sided with corporate polluters like BP in blocking a comprehensive climate bill, but we must channel our anger and disappointment into action.

And, we can start by making sure the Senate passes a strong package of oil disaster response and clean energy provisions in the next week, before they adjourn for the August recess." - The Sierra Club

These stupid fuckers act like we have time. We don't.

If you're so inclined, please sign this petition from the Sierra Club. They'll send the message directly to your fucking dumbass senators.

And meanwhile, just for today, step away from the burger. Your heart and our world will thank you. It will probably be a more quiet kind of "Thank You", so don't expect anything big.

Actually, I take that back. You'll KNOW that you're literally doing something to help rather than hinder.

And that's pretty big.


Our Place


Thank you for this contribution, Yani!

* Oil sludge washes in Florida, dolphin stranded

Please tell the attorneys general of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi to file charges of cruelty to animals against the BP executives who allowed this to happen and, because of their negligence, continue to let it go on. (You don't have to be a member of PETA to sign this petition.)

Silence is compliance.


BP = Barbaric Practice

BP ‘burning sea turtles alive’

Sea Turtles Among Oil Spill Victims (NPR)

News has just emerged from the Gulf Coast that BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive.

A boat captain who has been leading efforts to rescue the endangered turtles says BP has blocked his crews from entering the areas where the animals are trapped, effectively shutting down the rescue operation.

Please sign this petition to tell BP to stop burning endangered sea turtles alive.

It's like they're evil... Which I suppose greed is.

If you know something is going on and don't do anything about it, that makes you an accomplice.

(And people think PETA is crazy...)


Unbridled Greed

Stop the bribes! Demand clean energy.

Fucking ridiculous: Oil executives sent a strong challenge to Barack Obama on Tuesday, warning at a major oil conference that the American president's ban on risky deepwater drilling would cripple world energy supplies.

This OUTLANDISH, RECKLESS, narrow-minded philosophy shouldn't be tolerated anymore. It's mere greed.

WHO the hell cares about "energy supplies" when THIS is where we're going to be living...

Stop the bribes! Demand clean energy.

These people are criminals (not the kids in the garbage dump, bishes). Republicans and democrats alike... The executives and the apathetic. They're all guilty. They're sponsoring and condoning crimes against the environment and thus humanity. There is no separation between the two. We have no other place to live...

Sound dramatic? Absolutely.

It's because it IS.


The Attempt

So the other day, Will and I celebrated 8 years together, which is roughly the equivalent of 56 years in gay years. We didn't actually know that it was the anniversary of our first date until our ever faithful Dor kindly reminded us. She always does... Thank you, Doe! So, without meaning to celebrate it, we celebrated it, by attending a showing at Cleveland's MOCA with some friends. We ate some fine hors d'oeuvres and sipped (gulped) some wine. We chatted with some of the artists who were there featuring their work and stared at all of the women's fantastic shoes and their gussied up toe nails. After all, it IS Summer... and we ARE gay. We pondered some video installations - some funny, some disturbing and most I just didn't "get". I felt like yelling at one of them, "NO MORE BLOOD!! NO MORE SIMULATED SEX WITH DEAD GRANDPA!! NO MORE UNBLINKING EYES!! DON'T MAKE ME HURT A STRANGER!!" But, I didn't... Damn it. Maybe one day I'll yell my honesty from the top of my lungs and hurt a stranger. I hope that they deserve it.

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore... See? This is what contemporary art does to me.

So afterwards, we headed on over to NightTown for some spirits and dinner. We had a great time, although the waiter could've toned it down a bit. We were there for dinner and he was our server, not our coach. And we weren't looking for a battle plan really. He wasn't horrible, just a little too aggressive for my liking. I felt like relaxing, not getting in a huddle to shout out my entree order, "31! 24! 15!! I'LL HAVE THE HALLOUMI KABOBS AND A FUCKING HOUSE SALAD WITH CRUMBLES OF BLEU CHEESE!! NOW, GO!!"

Anyway, during dinner, the six of us got to talking, as we do, and we quickly began lamenting the oil spill and the developed world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Our very good friend, ... ... let's call her "Yani", and no, not THIS

"Yani" (apparently, this woman's name is "Yani"). So, not THIS one. I have NO IDEA what her bubbies are listening to, but if they'd stop clowning around, they could feed Uganda.

And no, not after the

dramatic Greek guy with all the hair (I know that's redundant).

And NO, not after the

Wamena-YANI-tribesmen (I know that's exactly what you were thinking... HHEEYY, BOYS!! Nice... um... jock straps? What the fuck ARE those things? Cock launchers? Good god, man... those look dangerous. Oh sure, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. What are you guys going to do with those? Play the xylophone?)

But, just plain "Yani", because I feel like it. And I have my reasons.

So, we were lamenting the oil spill... And besides conservation of resources, besides using alternative products to petroleum, besides signing petitions and writing to our people in congress, WHAT could we do that is more aggressive?

"Yani", feeling the severity of the situation, really, the immediacy of the disaster, was almost overcome with anguish. Our friend is used to action. And she lives by strict standards of being a vegan because of health AND ethical reasons. She's DEVOTED to progress, to the environment and animals' rights. And over the years, she has marched against war, for women's rights, for gay rights... She has stood up for what she believes in and speaks her mind freely and courageously.

My heart swells with pride for her and her unwavering devotion to her passions, to what she believes and knows is right. If only we could all be more like her...

We talked of making a plan to conserve even more, to go in on a co-op together of purchasing organic food direct from the farmer. So, one person from each of the three households present was to take part in that - and the immense job of canning to follow. That left me and the other two husbands of the group - jobless.

I offered that maybe we could start up and manage a group of exotic male dancers who weigh over 300 lbs to raise awareness of our cause.

Everyone just stared at me.

Sheesh... It wasn't like I said manage a group of,

"Fat midget strippers". What kind of guy do you peeps think I am??

Someone inquired, "A bunch of fat male dancers?"

And I replied, "They don't HAVE to be fat, just over 300 lbs. They could be like... big football players. You know, just big. But, they have to exotic dance. Like... swinging round a pole and stuff."

Yeah. So, no one really took my idea seriously. And so we started talking about forming a church. And maybe a religion. One where we would vehemently denounce corporate greed. One where, our leader and elders would be sharks going after the ones hiding behind their false cloaks of god, who all the while rape humanity and the planet of its beauty... its truth and innocence. The very antithesis of who they say they are... THOSE with greed clouding their judgment would be our focus.

I know, it always starts out with good intentions, but that's a slippery slope.

I mentioned the overweight, male dancers again. And someone said, "And what in the hell is THAT going to do?"

And I replied, "Who cares? I dunno... raise money."

Again, no one was buying it.

By the end of the evening, things were pretty much still left up in the polluted air. But, I'm pretty sure I can tell you one thing. That everyone at the table was deeply concerned, to the point of emotion. And they're deeply devoted to progress... in the most conscientious manner. And we ARE trying.

We're all willing to do our best. And even though that may differ from day-to-day, we're still going to do it. 'Cause that's how we roll. So, I'm hoping you'll join us. 'Cause we could use the company.

And here are some others who are determined... to try and do their best.

Oohh yeah... You like that? Huh? Do you? AND WHAT ABOUT THIS MOVE, HUH, COWBOY?? HHIII-YYAAA!! (That's what happens when Sumos start slappin'.)


Girlfriend threw girlfriend up in the air. And now she's going to eat one of the judges.


Boyfriend carried boyfriend out of the fire. While shitting his pants. Or getting ready to sneeze. Whatever the case may be, he was definitely multi-tasking.


DUDE! You might as well smile while you still can...


I don't believe you, Homer. I like you, but I don't believe you. At least if we try, it's going to put us a little farther ahead than if we hadn't tried at all.


Joe Barton Is A Complete Idiot And Needs Teabagged 911

Just add one more moron to the pile: Joe Barton apologizes to BP.

(Thank you for this video AND comments, Ray!) And Ray further writes, "Don't forget, Rand Paul saying it was un-American to use term "boot on the neck of BP". Michelle Bachmann and Rush have already expressed a similar point of view. Poor BP. And Pat Buchanon just called Barton's comments "courageous". I must re-state the fact that if Repubs were in majority, this asshole Barton would be CHAIRMAN of this oversight committee. "


How We Can Stop

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like: this partial list of products made from Petroleum (144 of 6000 items).

What you can use instead: Hemp food, hemp oil, hemp plastics, hemp insulation, hemp concrete, hemp paper, and other hemp composites all available today! And yes, the list goes on and on. Plus, Hemp is both Eco-friendly and Renewable.


Illegal to grow in the US; it's a direct competitor with petroleum. Plain and simple.

AND Hemp plants do not have the same THC levels as plants used for Medical Marijuana, so it is ridiculous that they don't legalize hemp.

It's way past time to stop.

Think outside the box.

How You Live Matters.

(Thank you for the great links, Holly!) **************************************

Our Part

22-Mile Oil Plume Under Gulf Nears Rich Waters

"If you don't know how to fix it, stop breaking it." (She's a TOTAL badass.)

Being consumers, we all have a hand in this disaster. What you can do? Use less fossil fuels. Walk, bike, use public transportation whenever you can. Stop using your air conditioning if you can help it. Use manual tools (manual push mower for your grass, rake, broom, use fingers, hands and elbows instead of vibrators - we've already been over this, etc.). Hang your laundry. Try sailing, canoeing, kite surfing, kayaking, rather than speed boats and jet skis - your muscles will thank you anyway, as will the peace and quiet.

Think outside the box.

How you live matters.