Some Sunday Worship

gulls-mercury-island-namibia_85946_990x742"Home to Roost" Photograph by Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic

Gulls, gannets, and penguins are neighbors on Mercury Island, near the Diamond Coast of Namibia. The country’s first marine protected area aims to reduce human disturbance and increase natural abundance around Mercury and ten other islands along 250 miles of coastline. (source)

Nature. Still the Best Show on Earth.


Some Sunday Worship

Alaskan Otter Couple"One of the funniest moments was when I discovered two otters that looked like a couple," says Your Shot member Roman Golubenko. "They were taking care of each other like a loving couple, and they were turning to me as if to get captured for a family portrait." (source of photo)

This just makes me MELT. DO YOU HEAR ME??? MELT, I SAY!!!

I'm butta... I'm like the squaw on the cova of Land O'Lakes.

NATURE. It's still the Best Show on Earth.


Some Sunday Worship

I don't think I can adequately describe to you how much I FRICKING LOVE THESE. I. Love. Them.

*** Little Friends Lifestyle Pet Photography by Seth Casteel

(THANK YOU so much for telling me about these, M. Earnest! And don't you dare forget, you be the shizzle, Meerie. Don't let NO ONE tell you otherwise. Dang.)



Mud Bath, Bulgaria

"In a mud pool at the sea salt mines near Bourgas, Bulgaria locals gather. He applies the mud from the pool and then stands upright until it is dry only to take a dip in the nearby sea. Afterwards he gets a relaxing swim in the 30cm of water in the salt mine (80-90% pure salt)." Photo and caption by Antoni Georgiev (source of National Geographic's Photo of the Month)


Never Underestimate What a Little Color Can Do...

Then again, the color wouldn't be so vibrant without the gray.

Young Monk, Laos A young monk is pictured at a small monastery in the town of Luang Prabang. (PHOTO OF THE MONTH by Oded Wagenstein from the 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest - source)