This Little Piggy Got Twisted

We've had incredible weather for almost a week now. Just really stunning days of clear blue sky and a warm sun lapping at our fog and rain soaked skin. After all of the rains of winter, we moved right into weeks and weeks of fog. Which at least we can still get out in the fog, but after a while, the solid gray just began to wear on me. So, the weekend was just beautiful and much appreciated.

I've been swimming everyday in the pool and doing my laps. I used to be a competitive swimmer growing up and was trained as a Search and Rescue Swimmer in the U.S. Coast Guard. So when I'm in the water, I'm truly in my element. I emerge from the pool feeling refreshed, a renewed sense of spirit that is bursting with quite possibly an un-realistic invigoration to save the world, or at least to collapse into a chair poolside fully relaxed. And feeling that for the moment, all is right with the universe...At least for the next 30 minutes.

So, I emerged from the pool on Monday, drying my freshly worked body in the warmth of the sun and feeling the temporary euphoria of the pool-induced drug. The sun was warm and was wrapping my body in its embrace. As the water dripped to the ground from my skin, so did my current worries and concerns. I felt a peace and serenity, a courage and a boldness all at the same time.

Will was there as well. He was lying on his stomach upon a lounge chair and was looking at the ground. While I was drying myself off, he was looking at my feet. And he said, "Look at your little toes..." It rang in my tranquil ears with the tone of endearment, rounding the back corners of his molars to spill forth an anticipated compliment upon his lips.

And so he continued, "It looks like someone broke 'em... and twisted 'em..."

Doesn't he just say the sweetest things?