Some Sunday Worship

Pardon me, But, did you know that sea otters hold hands (paws) while they're sleeping to keep from drifting away from one another? Well, they do.

And I could just DIE! COULDN'T YOU DIE??? BECAUSE, I COULD. (Jesus Christ, they're so fucking cute! AAHH!! I know they'd rip my face off, but I want to SMUSH THEM IN MY GOD DAMN FACE!!)

And besides all the cooing and squealing bishes on here, check out what goes down at 1:20 in. You'll die. TRUST ME. (YOU'RE GONNA FUCKIN' DIE!!)

Sorry. I'll stop yelling now. They just melted at least a year of bitterness off me. And you know what? I'm kinda thinking it might be worth it to lose part of your face to hug one of those little assholes.

So, I do declare... (sorry, I have to yell one more time.)


(that means you guys.)