The Best Show on Earth

I love this. Thank you to my dear friend and stunning correspondent in the U.K., the "butterfly", Lorraine, for this wonderful contribution.

We're a part of this great big beautiful world. Not the owners of it. And the sooner we start behaving that way, the better. Nature. It's still the best show on Earth.


The Countdown...

It's projected that African forest elephants will be extinct in 20 years...

Please sign this petition to crack down on elephant murders.

After all, if we're anything more than fellow citizens of the planet with them, than possibly stewards. But, certainly not owners...

Silence is compliance.


Some Sunday Morning Worship

I. LOVE. This little guy...

So, "Charity Lynn" commented, "This. Was. SOOOO CUTE!! Why is there even 1 dislike on this video? I hope whoever disliked it feels like the worlds biggest jerk. Love this <3"

Charity... May I call you "Charity"? Okay. Cool. I have a feeling anyone who actually dislikes something like this does indeed feel like the world's biggest jerk. That's why they dislike it in the first place.

And that "<3" symbol always reminds me of balls. I know, I know, it's a sideways heart or something, but still.

It's a disagreeable thing to be whipped. ~ William Tecumseh Sherman