X-Ray THIS! (and they will) and John Pistole Can Suck It TSA chief warns against boycott of airport scans


He's WARNING us about practicing OUR FREEDOMS???


Things are feeling a bit slick, my friends...

TSA has met the enemy — and they are us

So, how does it remove all of HIS hair,

and HER hair,

but not HER hair?

Eevveeryone's pistols go RIGHT in their cracks. It's not just for poop anymore! So, just theoretically, if they rip a mean one, does the gun go off? PPhhhhttt, BBBRRRRTTTTT, BANG! I know I'm reaching on this one, but it's possible, right? I mean, anything is possible, no?

So yes, it's all disturbing anyway, but it's kind of freaking me out even more that it removes people's hair... in some cases...?

Nice man-panties,


What the TSA isn't saying about Full Body Scanners and Your Right to Opt Out - Say "I Opt Out." Every Time. (source)

But then be forewarned that they're going to pat you down and feel you up and flip you like a pancake.

Meeooww... That's my kind of crowd.

Understandably, there's outrage. And there should be. I will decline that machine EVERY TIME. And not because I don't want anyone to see my peeper or my hole. I don't really give a shit about that. If they want to stare, let 'em. But, I'm not subjecting my body, my SELF to the unnecessary radiation.

If they want to fondle my balls and squeeze my cheeks? Great. Where do I sign and when to we get started? But, I know a lot of people aren't as pervy as I am and don't really want a cheap thrill, so really they should be keeping their hands to themselves.

It's unfortunate that our governments (yes, I mean plural here) don't have a more effective diplomatic foreign policy in the first place (And I don't just mean current administrations - I'm talking ineffective foreign policy since the end of WWII.). And it's too bad that our multi-national corporations aren't more acutely aware of the repercussions of their haphazard and destructive practices. It's unfortunate that they put money before people. It's unfortunate that greed trumps cultural sensitivity, environment, basic human rights and respect.

Because then, maybe we wouldn't have to worry about terrorism in the first place.

When there's a blatant disregard for what truly makes up a person and a people, and I mean this pertaining to the individual AND a culture, there's no acknowledgment. When the impulse of a selfish and narrow-minded world view is acted upon without thought to the anthropology and history, that leads to the sociology and psychology of a people and their region, there's a drop in communication. There's simply a mis-understanding (willful or not) because of a lack of basic empathy. And in personal relationships and socio-political relationships, this hiccup leads to war.

I'm not condoning violence of any kind.

I REPEAT, I'm NOT condoning violence of any kind. (Unless I have the opportunity to throw hot coals at Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or John Boehner.)

But, when it comes to this massive wound right now, when it comes to this sickness that has led us to this point, rather than slapping on futile bandages for the injury, I'd like to see people diligently questioning and learning what has caused the trauma in the first place.

To know where we're going, it helps to know where we've been. And I'd like to see people say, "Where the hell are we and HOW did we get here?"


It would take actual effort and a real willingness to learn and an open-mind to understand.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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