Chloe Goes Taz?

Does anyone know if this is actually true? Or is it set-up? The Best Man really looks like he bites it.

Umm... Because if it's true? I would've paid money to have been there.

But then, I would've gotten out of "Chloe's" way and just watched. I may have taken notes too.

Because, I have a feeling...

That death and destruction would've followed in her wake.

And if I were to be completely honest, I'd probably be the first one jumping up and down clapping my hands together going, "YEAH! YEAH! FUCK HIM UP! GO GET HIM, CHLOE! I THINK THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE NEED MESSED UP TOO... THEY'RE SNICKERING. And I just saw your Maid of Honor laughing, GET HER!!"

That's if it were true. And I were there. And the bride had the ability to turn into the Tasmanian Devil. Oohh, I wish, I wish, I wish.